Sunday, April 29, 2007

Labour try to rig ballot in Leeds?

This morning's Sunday Times is carrying allegations about electoral postal fraud on scale which is befitting the BNP last year. According to the Sunday Times, the leader of Leeds City Council, Keith Wakefield, has been advising his canvassers and student activists to help people fill out their postal ballots, take them for people, and only post them if they have voted Labour.

A former parliamentary aide and Labour whip, Graham Hyde, was also secretly filmed telling people not to "get caught with [postal ballots] on you. We are not supposed to collect them." West Yorkshire Police are now investigating the allegations.

It's certainly telling of the desperation that now exists amongst the wider Labour Party as they face a routing next Thursday. To openly flout the rules by taking postal ballots is one thing, to advise people to remove the votes for other parties is outrageous.


Anonymous said...

I have long doubted the result of the last general election. Given that it is very difficult to find many people who admit to voting for nuLieBore, I don’t know how they got back in. After all, they have got plenty of previous on the charge of fiddling the figures.

Anonymous said...

I am surprised the Assistant Chief Constable felt able to say it was "sharp practice" before any investigation.

What a strange phrase to use anyway. "Sharp practice" suggests it's on the borderline of illegality. If the allegations were to be substantiated, this would be clearly criminal.

Shades said...

Knowing some of the shysters on (or ex) Leeds City Council this doesn't surprise me in the least.

Banana republic? sponsored by Fyffes!