Monday, April 23, 2007

Labour deputy contenders get Donne over

The Labour researcher for Colin BurgonMp called Mark Donne appears to have caused a little bit of stir by posting an open letter to Hazel Blears on LabourHome and Compass effectively calling her an opportunist, and then slagging off Harriet Harman and Peter Hain as well.

Of Blears he chastises her for saying she will support greater rights for "vulnerable workers" when she was opposed to a Private Members Bill from Paul Farrelly MP on the same subject. He bemoaned the fact that "the government employed the archaic parliamentary device of 'talking out"'" the Bill.

Peter Hain comes under attack for "dangerous, myopic talk" over comments he apparently made about Labour's aims and values, followed swiftly by a kick at Harriet Harman for being inconsistent on womens issues.
"Contenders such as Harriet Harman by way of example, purport profound dedication to women's issues. Yet when a Conservative MP attempted a truncation of existing abortion rights, Harriet could not quite make it to the division lobby for a potentially knife edge vote, despite being seen lunching in the Commons 20 minutes earlier."
What's interesting of course is that Donne's boss was the co-sponsor of the "talked out" Bill, and Jon Cruddass just happened to table a motion on the same subject too. Not that I'm suggesting for one minute that the letter is part of the deputy leadership campaign that is so bitterly being fought at the moment. I'm sure it's pure coincidence that he slagged off three of the high profile contenders for that job.
Hat Tip: Croydonian for his subbing prowess

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Alan Douglas said...

Thanks Dizzy for that wonderful link.

I reallyenjoyed reading the back-and-forth comments from the enemy - had the strong impression they were very busy re-arranging the deputy-chairs on the Titanic .... AND that they know it only too well.

Alan Douglas