Monday, April 23, 2007

It's the taxpayers' round isn't it?

I've always wondered how much booze the House of Commons manges to consume in a year and what the cost of it, and thanks to Norman Baker MP I now know. In the past 11 months the Refreshment Department of the House of Commons have purchased 103,000 litres of booze at a cost of £520,400. Wine is clearly the drink of choice accounting for 73% of that spending.

Bloody pissheads.


Chris Paul said...

This seems very low-side for a banqueting, conference and sales venue of this scale and quality. I'm not kidding. There is a medium bar on Oxford Road nr the University that sells far more booze than this per annum.

Turnovers of a million plus on the wet side are not uncommon for popular medium-sized pubs.

What are they doing with all those bars, terraces, dining rooms and restaurants?

That's the real question.

Anonymous said...

When an MP is drinking in a Commons bar, who is paying for the drinks? Does the drinker have to buy the drinks, or is it a 'free bar' for them (ie taxpayer)?