Monday, April 30, 2007

KInnock calls Blair a "bastard"

You can;t beat a bit of out of context headline grabbing (see above). In an interview about Blair in this morning's Guardian with Neil Kinnock, he says, on the question of whether Blair is "of the Labour Party" that "[Blair's] a bastard but he's our bastard". Apparently, the Labour Party has a sort of deferential affection for Blair, hating him but loving him too.

The Guardian also has some of other pre-resignation rehabilitation interviews from the nomenklatura as well, David Blunkett and Charlie Falconer today. My guess is they'll have a few more during the coming weeks, even before he is gone. It must be kind of weird really, to have political obituaries being made by your former colleagues whilst you're still in the job.

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Sir-C4' said...

Kinnock is right (for once), Blair is a bastard; unfortunately, he was Kinnock's bastard. That make Kinnock a c**t!