Sunday, April 29, 2007

Palace gets involved in "cash for peerages"?

According to this morning's Observer the "Palace" told Downing Street to beware Yates and his investigative methods after he turned the Palace household "inside out". What this article actually says is that a former diplomat who knows Jonathan Powell and now works in the Royal Household spoke to Downing Street. The Palace and Downing Street are not denying the conversation took place though, and are simply saying that they cannot comment on the communications between the two seats of the Establishment.

What I think is more interesting is that "friends of the PM" are quoted as saying that the way Ruth Turner was arrested was outrageous because the Police "treated her like a common criminal." There is a subtle truth inside that last comment which is exactly the reason we have such cynicism of politics. The view that Turner was treated like a "common criminal" essentially elevates her to a position that says she should, because of her job, be treated differently before the law.

I have but one word. Bollocks. If you are suspected of breaking the law, the Police will arrest you. How they choose to do that is entirely up to them, and the idea that some criminals deserve worse or better treatment than others (usually because of the type of crime) is nonsense. Just because you're not running a crack factory from you home doesn't mean that you shouldn't be visited by the Police at 6am and arrested on suspicion of committing an offence.

We are equal before the law, when politicians and their advisers start thinking that they should be treated differently somehow it sends out a clear message to people that actually, we're not equal before the law at all. The "friend" of Tony Blair personifies the contempt for society which the power elite actually have.


Anonymous said...

I have but one word. Bollocks. If you are suspected of breaking the law, the Police will arrest you. (Dizzy)

Well said, Dizzy. Scratch beneath the surface of most nulabbers you'll find the same totalitarian arrogance and abuse of power which underlies the view that Ruth Turner cannot be a 'common criminal'.

On nulab's definition, nulabbers can do no wrong because crime is progressively being redefined as opposing, or not supporting, nulab.

Iain Dale has a report on Geraldine - don't you know who I am? - Smith MP exhibiting the same elitist arrogance.

Auntie Flo'

Anonymous said...

I quite agree Dizzy.

Why are the Conservatives pushing for just an enquiry into the Birmingham Terror Leaks, surely it should be a Criminal investigation?

Labour is even worse by not wanting any exposure to this Criminal deed at all, unless some "evidence" comes to light. This is totally absurd, We KNOW a Crime was committed(the head of counter-terrorism told us it had)and as surely as light follows day the Police should be actively seeking evidence to find out who did it and get him banged to rights. As far as I know they don't usually sit around twiddling thumbs after a Crime comes to light hoping some evidence turns up out of the Blue.

Is this the Government saying that they are above the Official Secrets act and Anti Terrorism Laws when they needed to Spin in order to divert flak from Blair and His cash for Honours?

James Higham said...

Dizzy, far be it for me to be elitist and if you've ever seen my blog you'll know my opinion on these vermin and yet there is the question of the office they're appointed to being shown respect.

Whilst still the incumbent and until actually proven guilty, some respect should surely be shown.

Anonymous said...

RE James Higham if those bastards who have office and show no respect for it like Prescott, Blunkett, Brown, and that complete sanctimonious lying fuckwit Blair, who have been put there by the eloctorate. Why in the fuck should we have respect for the prostitutes they hire?

Anonymous said...

r.e. James,

Sorry but I have to say that the police showed more than the required "respect" for the office all of these clowns were appointed to, don't forget ruthy was questioned 4 times prior to being subsequently arrested and her home searched. "Like a common criminal" Well sorry to be the bearer of bad news for them, but that is exactly what she is. At the very least she had an agenda to hinder the police's enquiry, and just assume for a moment, that she was as forthcoming as ole cashpoint then she won't have said much more than confirm her name, address and place of employment.

There must come a time where the police, knowing full well there is more information buried they can't quite get their fingers on because of the situation of who and where she is, something had to break and personally I'm glad it was her front door.

These mendacious, trough grubbing scum need to be cleaned away from british politics and just deposing them at the next election is not enough some confidence and pride needs to be restored to both the political process and our faith in the legal system. IF it takes the ruining of a person who believed they could act with impunity because of where they work, so much the better.

Chris Paul said...

Come on Dizzy. The manner of any arrest should fit the alleged crime and the situation. If you think Ruth Turner needed mob-handed armed officers to get her to a nearby police station then you're not thinking straight.

"Common criminal" is crap. But "dangerous criminal" would not have been and we all know what the comment meant don't we?

Yates is a nutter. The arrest was OTT. He's a veritable Captain Ahab and a bully boy to boot.

Even if RT were guilty of anything.

Chris Paul said...

Er, "flavious", ever heard of innocent until proven guilty or reasonable force?

Anonymous said...

Err, "c.p.", I've read your nulab diatribe on Iain dales with increasing disgust. Perhaps you'd like to re-read my post and actually absorb the questioned 4 times part again before posting more drivel.

We do indeed have an innocent before proven guilty in this country for it would appear a select few.

They didn't actually kick her door in now did they petal, they knocked arrested her and consequently searched her premises.

This might come as a shock but the boys in blue do it all the time to "suspected offenders" Who they would like to catch in a compromised position i.e. search the gaffe and remove encriminating information/evidence.

I know, it's poor form given the stand up qualities employed by all of our high command, but maybe, just maybe knacker of the yard had her bang to rights by doing it. Wouldn't that be a shame.

Incidentally, there is a little button called preview post, you'll find it on all the blogs you harangue on, do try and use it, there's a good chap. your multiple posts are a little well....irritating.

Praguetory said...

I loved this story. I'd paraphrase it as "10 Downing Street warned that police will do job properly". The decision to lead with it is odd.