Thursday, April 19, 2007

Electronic voting starts on Saturday

Have just heard that the first electronic console polling station in this years local elections will be open on Saturday in a shopping centre in Shrewsbury. Let's hope the system is neither overloaded or loses data. Apparently Shrewsbury will also be having text message voting and Internet voting as well. Wonder how long it will take for someone to make allegations of electoral fraud after the results?


Chris Paul said...

We had somethingly electronic voting in Manchester years ago (2003 or 04?) ... laptops at Safeways and other sites ... still a certain amount of paper involved. Not a success. Not so far repeated.

Anonymous said...

Under this government we have had a push for postal voting without proper checks, and now we have electronic voting and e-counting on the way.
Having watched the chaos in recent American elections they seem hell bent in matching them without even the basic checks and guidelines imposed across the pond.
What is the bet that we will be regarded as the banana republic of the Western World by the time Labour leaves office.
When they came into power we had a very simple, straight forward and proven voting system which was less likely to encourage fraud, they just can't resist breaking something that works, socialism at its worst.