Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Tempting fate?

The following is a press release put about by the Health and Safety Executive.
Juggling with fire - A risk worth taking?...

Like all risks it can be a risk worth taking, when given careful consideration and sensible health and safety control measures. This is the driving point behind a novel partnership initiative being announced on Thursday 25 January 2007 by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and Calderdale MBC, 'Calderdale Safer Working Communities'.

Its key message will be delivered in a most unexpected way - the representatives of organisations and businesses who will be arriving to pledge their support to next month's initiative will be greeted by a health and safety inspector walking on stilts and juggling with fire.
Please God, Allah, Buddha and whoever else let him fall and burn himself so I can watch the HSE sue itself.

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Anonymous said...

Like they way you cover your ar*e on the deity front!

That would of course be very very funny.

In the model engineering club I am a member of we contemplate filling out risk assesments for running things like large model traction engines.

Hazard Boiler explosion

persons affected Anyone within 30 feet.

Level of danger Will cause instant death or severe scalding.

Likelyhood. Nil.h