Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Communcations failure at Department of Health

Remember a couple of weeks ago the Government's fanfare about how it was scrapping 551 websites as part of its "transformational strategy" which would in future see the streamlining of information to be delivered by "supersites" located at DirectGov and Business Link thus saving us poor taxpayer lots of money?

Well the Secretary of State for Health, Patricia Hewitt, has just announced a new "Choice" website is going to be built which will "bring together information on all hospitals and treatment centres to empower patients to make more informed choices than ever before on their healthcare."

I guess Patty didn't get the memo. Perhaps they should send another one round saying "we request that staff avoid discussion of the communication problem"?


Anonymous said...

What are you supposed to do with this new webiste? Use it from the back of the ambulance? I suppose you'd have time now they're closing all the local hospitals and you've got to cling onto life until you reach a Labour constituency.

Anonymous said...

What choice will there be if hospitals close? It's just a fantasy.