Saturday, January 20, 2007

Hilary in and the smears begin

So Hilary Clinton announces she "in" for the Democratic nomination race on the same day that her biggest rival faces accusations of having hidden his Muslim connections and being educated in a "madrassa".

Presidential politics! Don't you just love it? We should all hope and pray that Hilary Clinton doesn't win the nomination. If she does, and then goes on to be President, the most powerful nation in the world will have been controlled by just two families* for 23 years (27 if she were to be a two term President).
* technically we've just had one family for the past thousand years of course :)


BCB Webmaster said...

The American system of government was inspired by that of ancient Rome. To avoid the dominance of political families in the future perhaps America might look to the past once more. For example, by having a duel consulship replace the office of the President. The Consuls served the Roman Republic well for 500 odd years before the Advent of the Principate.

It is true that the consuls came from an elite political class, but as the Bush/Kennedy/Clinton (potentially)situation shows, that happens already and the consuls only served for one year before leaving office. At the end of their term, the consuls took a proconsular position out in the provinces. The same could be done by America in respect of its embassies. Hilary for Outer Mongolia or George W for wherever?

A duel consulship would also have the advantage of having both parties in power at the same time, keeping everyone happy.

Otherwise, Dizzy, keep up the good blog work.

Anonymous said...

Bit risky to start attacking your opponent this early, especially when there are so many skeletons in Mrs Clinton's closet.
Would have thought a nice clean statesman/woman like campaign would be better for someone already so well known in US politics.
But then I have just had my first political joke email from US relatives, and it does not leave their politics in any doubt.
Let the big negative campaign battle commence, be surprised if the voters want to vote anyone in by the time they have finished!

Chris Paul said...

Hillary, innit? Mr Benn ain't eligible, unless perhaps from his mum's side? I think we should be told.