Saturday, January 20, 2007

Labour MP slams "dictatorship" in Labour Party

A backbench rebel MP, Lynne Jones, has given a tv interview to a local Midlands website which slams the Labour leadership and blames Gordon Brown for her decision to stand down as an MP at the next election.

To be fair, I'm not sure such an interview will have much impact. Lynne Jones is one of those people that one would put in with the "usual suspects", anti-war, anti-Trident, and the rest. Her name is usually on EDMs with Bob Marshall-Andrews, Diane Abbott etc.

In the interview she accuses Labour of being led by a "dictatorship", she says Tony Blair is "deluded", and she also checks herself at the moment that she called Gordon Brown "manipulative". The most interesting part of the interview is at the beginning where she explained how she's discussed stepping down and how to release the news with certain colleague since deciding in the autumn.

I say this is interesting because I think this interview, especially the way it so vociferously attacks Blair and Brown, has a viewing target of Labour Party members ergo leadership contest votes. What's the betting that Lynne Jones, as a usual suspect, is one of John McDonnell's nomination signatures?
Hat Tip: PragueTory


Praguetory said...

If she doesn't like dictatorial leadership, it's hard to see how John McDonnell is the antidote.

Croydonian said...

Last year she said she would stand against Brown if no-one else did.

Meanwhile, I challenge anyone to read in its entirety, let alone understand, the 'about me' section on her website.

Curly said...


I thought the Miliblogger was good with wonkspeak, but she may as well use hieroglyphics's and runes!

Anonymous said...

Perhaps a sign of the mettle of MP's in general. Faced with a problem, run away, run away.
Whatever happened to fighting against wrongs from within.

James Higham said...

Would it matter in the long run even if she did sign on the dotted line?

Chris Paul said...

Shame she isn't standing. Only recently proposed to the comrades that both McDonnell and Meacher should stand aside for Dr Jones. McDonnell is thinking he gets a clear run as he put his hand up first (which is what Ken did to him in GLC days whereas Meacher must be deluded in thinking the left will back a land rentier of at least 13 big FO homes to let, not to mention of some extraordinary sympathy with extraordinary 9-11 theories.