Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Are We Seeing the Emergence of a New Anti-Islamist Intelligentsia?

Last night I attended the New Culture Forum in Portcullis House which posed the question "Are We Seeing the Emergence of a New Anti-Islamist Intelligentsia?". Michael Gove MP, author of the excellent, Celsius 7/7, was the guest speaker.

Personally, I of the mind that rather than just the emergence of a new anti-Islamist intelligentsia - there is rather an merging of thought across the political spectrum which is pro-western Enlightenment, ergo, anti-Islamist by definition.

That said, clearly Islamism is the primary threat that western Enlightenment faces in todays world, and shockingly, the joining forces of some on the Left - such as Livingstone and the SWP - with the msyoginist homophobic Islamists should be seen as a very worrying trend.


Chris Paul said...

Why should the SWP be seen as a threat? Membership low and tumbling. For example Respect which combines SWP with other elements saw their membership nationally tumble from 3000 to 2000.

dizzy said...

The threat is Islamism, the issue of the SWP etc refers more to the intellectual vacuosness opf their current positioning with people who would kill'em as soon as look at them. The WRP are doing the same thing, in The News Line today they keep talking about "moderate Islamists" in Somalia, which is a patently absurd thing to say.

Anonymous said...

it's not a worrying trend at all. it helps draw a very clear line in the sand and puts Livingstone, Galloway and the rest of the rodents in a position to be seen for the enemies of civilisation that they are.

kris said...

Dear Dizzy

Thank you. I get shouted down on a regular basis by "liberals" for daring to express similar sentiments.

Meanwhile, gay women are bearing the brunt. And don't dare to mention that muslim women are bearing the brunt too. But hey- it's their culture and they "consent".


Anonymous said...

So what the thinking behind Red-Ken having cosy cups of tea with outspoken Islamist Imams? Why does Galloway preach against 'the terrorist state of Israel' and praise 'the brave Lebanese resistance movement of Hezbollah?

I think it's down to three things.

Firstly they both need the Muslim vote. On this point Galloway has demonstrated to the nation exactly which politcal issues British Muslims regard as the most important.

Secondly they are both staunch believers in 'multiculturalism' and can't fathom the consensus emerging that it hasn't worked.

Thirdly they have genuine Palestinian sympathies and find most Muslims are agreeable in this respect.

Other than this I can't see what the British far left have in common with socially conservative Muslims.