Monday, January 22, 2007

Revisiting an old subject

Some time ago I did a post called Understanding Hackers. Seeing as Hackers the film was on yesterday (and some people remain a little confused about what hacking actually is), I thought I'd revisit the topic as at the time of my original post I was actually inspired by a document that I'd read some time before but could not find at the time.

I've now found that document, titled the Hacker FAQ which lists all those question someone may have about employing a hacker and what it actually means. Here are some of my choice favourites from it:
0.0: Won't my hacker break into my computer and steal my trade secrets?
No. Hackers aren't, contrary to media reporting, the people who break into computers. Those are crackers. Hackers are people who enjoy playing with computers. Your hacker may occasionally circumvent security measures, but this is not malicious; he just does it when the security is in his way, or because he's curious.

There are lost of other excellent tips for dealing with engineering people like me in there.

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James Higham said...

Hacker, Cracker, Shmacker. Not different aspects of the same animal? I know two of these guys over here and they're Very Good at 'accessing'.