Tuesday, December 12, 2006

What are "other costs"?

Last week I posted that the Department of Culture, Media and Sport had spent £14million in one year on TV advertising. Tory shadow culture minister, Hugo Swire, has asked the Department of Work and Pensions how much it spent on TV advertising in 2005-06.

The DWP it seems is much cheaper than DCMS, having spent only £1,987,000 on television advertising for the Targeting Benefit Fraud campaign. However, that figure did come with some caveats.

The figure represented media spend only, and did not include production costs, direct mailing, public relation and something mysteriously vague called "other costs". The figure was also net of VAT.

When you add VAT to the figure it's just short of £2,335,000 million. My limited understanding of TV suggests that production costs would be considerable, and lord know how much you can lump in "other costs". I wonder what the total TV advertising spend across Government departments is in one financial year?

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Jeff said...

Doubt you would ever find out, The answer would probably be
"it is not financialy viable to provide that information"