Thursday, December 07, 2006

DCMS spends £14m on TV adverts

In the financial year 2005-2006, the Department for Culture Media and Sports spent £14 million on tv advertisements. I guess it's less than the £70 million advertising budget of TfL for one year, but still it seems awfully excessive.


Teri said...

Well that was 14 million well spent. I don't recall seeing any adverts. Do you?

The only one I remember was TB and GB pretending to get along through gritted teeth around a board table, whilst talking about the best way forward for Britain. Funny.

Teri said...


Commercial length Factor Example
10 seconds 0.50 £250
20 seconds 0.85 £425
30 seconds 1.00 £500
40 seconds 1.33 £665
50 seconds 1.66 £830
60 seconds 2.00 £1000

So I guess it depends on how many adverts made and duration. Really wouldn't know how to go about finding out.

Here's the link for this information:

Croydonian said...

TV advertising tends to be sold on the basis of viewing figures - so if I wanted to reach ABC1 businessmen, it would cost a lot more to reach a million of them than a million housewives with children. It is possible to book individual slots (middle of the News at Ten used to be hideously expensive), but the rule used to be that ITV, C4 or whoever would guarantee a total demographic reach over the duration of the campaign.