Sunday, December 10, 2006

UKIP circulates BNP literature to its members?

The BNP is claiming that the local UKIP organisation in Horsham has started to distribute their literature and a letter from the BNP leader, Nick Griffin, to its members saying they should "find out about the real BNP". This is apparenly in response to UKIP being pushed into last place (eighth) in the Horsham by-election last week, whilst the BNP surged into third.

As an aside, I can't help but notice the fact that the BNP provides its members, and the public, with "news updates". They just need to call a premium rate phone line which charges £1 per minute. Wonder how much they make out of that?


James Higham said...

How seriously do you rate them now, politically? I've been out of it for some years.

Jeremy Jacobs said...

Wow, yours truly was in Horsham yesterday commentating for the Beeb and seeing 'da Gate thrash some pub team called Horsham FC. Didn't see a political poster anywhere.


Anonymous said...

Letting you know,this is the first time the BNP has contested Horsham. Next time expect four seats to be contested (May).
Shows the BNP is on its way up, when the local MP runs down the BNP with the same old smears and lies when the country goes down the pan.
The local MP can't even take up the callange of a public debatewith the BNP chairman, maybe he has no polices or if he really says what he believes no one would vote for him.
When Horsham has no green land and is joined by tar to Crawley and looks like any other urban city and all the problems of an urban city comes with it, tell me is the BNP wrong?
One last point to the Tories at the count your face was a picture blaming the BNP for your defeat. Beware, the more Horsham becomes an inner city you won't ever get elected again.

Anonymous said...

What is it about the BNP Policies you don't like.
or what is is about Britain and British people that you do not like.