Friday, December 08, 2006

Missing comments - Beta Blogger bug?

I have found what appears to be a bug with Beta Blogger. For a while now the "Dashboard" has said I had 1 comment to publish yet nothing appears in the "Moderate Comments" section. The other day it turned into two and someones comment (which I received via email) was not visible to be published.

It has now changed to three comments awaiting publishing, and the missing comment is one by Ellee in the Weblog Awards post. All very odd. I shall go and dig on on the Blogger Blog and see if it is a known problem.

Update: The guys from a Blogger have a blog for known issues with Beta


Anonymous said...

Yep, there's something amiss. I was trying to comment James Cleverly's earlier and it kept going blank/showing Google error code pages...

Benedict White said...

Yes you missed my follow up comment on the Brown banning breathing article where I was pointing out that from a carbon emmisions point of view carbon from renewable sources do not count. (My reply was longer than that though.)