Friday, December 29, 2006

Doughty Street is TV 2.0?

Have just been sent a link to an opinion article on the Register about 18 Doughty Street. The general thrust is that Doughty Street is some sort of horribly biased Tory spin machine.

How exactly a station that is upfront about not being impartial is an insincere spin machine I'll never know. The article is also a little inaccurate, as to my knowledge Alex Story no longer works at Doughty Street and hasn't now for about a month.

I still like The Register though.


Praguetory said...

The author does work a little hard to work up a lather. Must do better.

Bob Piper said...

Is your point, dizzy, that 18 Doughty St IS a Tory spin machine? I don't necessarily think that 'not being impartial' means that a station has to favour any particular Party, and that seemed to be the point Iain was making when he e-mailed various Labour bloggers urging them to take part.

A media outlet can be 'not impartial' and still take a number of different partial points of view. Sadly, I think Iain's experiment will fail because there are not enough Lib Dem/Labour participants, resulting in what gives the impression of being, errm, a Tory spin machine. The end result will be Tories talking to Tories, which is unlikely to hold the attention span of sufficient numbers.

dizzy said...

Is your point, dizzy, that 18 Doughty St IS a Tory spin machine?

No Bob, I'm was saying that appeared to be what the article was implying and don;t agree with it.

Anonymous said...

The author, Shaun Rolph of the sero.wordpress blog, must have some kind of sinister agenda as it is the only time he has written for the Register and he seems to have a lot of info.

Bob, it wasn't Iain's idea at all.