Friday, December 29, 2006

Blair is no longer the cat, he's become the cheese

This morning's papers all appear to be carrying reports of how a number of senior Labour politicians, including the Labour Party Chairman, Hazel Blears and Home Secretary, John Reid, have been out campaigning in their local constituencies against Government NHS cuts which they, as members of Cabinet, are collectively responsible for.

Now besides the rank hypocrisy of such actions, what exactly does this say about the authority of Blair over his Cabinet? To have Cabinet ministers openly rebelling against the impact of policies they're collectively responsible for suggests that discipline within the Blair cabinet is non-existent.

They say that when the cats away the mice will play, but don't the actions of Blears, Reid et al suggest that far from being the cat, Blair has in fact become little more than a stale piece of cheese in the corner of the Cabinet room in Number 10? Clearly the Cabinet is in open revolt.

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