Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Ten things I would never do

It would appear Iain has tagged me to do this bloody list so I'll be polite and oblige. Here are ten things I would never do (not necessarily in ranking order).
  1. Own a Citro├źn
  2. Buy a copy of Microsoft Windows
  3. Buy a copy of Microsoft Office
  4. Go to Australia (out of choice)
  5. Vote Labour
  6. Buy a yacht
  7. Choose to listen to Abba
  8. Buy a Mac
  9. Stand for Parliament
  10. Support England in an Everton vs England game.
Now I believe the rules of these things require me to tag some other people, so here goes. Croydonian, Martin Martine, Ellee Seymour, Last Boy Scout and finally, the UK Daily Pundit because I know he loves these meme's so much.


Croydonian said...


I would sell my mother for a concours d'elegance standard Citroen DS.

Anonymous said...

I see you and have both got an Everton thing going on !

Anonymous said...

Won't invite you to my Abba party then...

Better get cracking on this.

Anonymous said...

I hate these bloody things. I've done it anyway, coz i'm bored.

CityUnslicker said...

Go on , stand for Parliament. You never know you might get in.