Thursday, November 23, 2006

Home Office still not "fit for purpose"?

Apparently, the Home Office doesn't know whether the people it appoints to Indepdnent Monitoring Boards in Youth Offender Institutions holding juveniles actually have qualifications in child protection. Now, tt may well be the case that the members do have such knowledge and experience, but it's a bit worrying that the Home Office doesn't actually know, or even attempt to record the information.

In response to a written question, the Prisons Minister Gerry Sutcliffe, said that the "information is not available" and that the details for those on the IMBs does not include qualification details.". Makes you wonder how an IMB can ensure "proper standards of care and decency are maintained" in youth offender institutions if no one knows whetrher the memebrs have the necessary knowledge to carry out the role.

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