Sunday, November 19, 2006

The impact of 9/11 on Blair

Funny what an earth shattering event can do to the way you look.

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The above image actually accompanies a rather good feature artcile in today's Telegraph by Spectator Editor, Matthew d'Ancona. I think largely, d'Ancona is right about Blair, particularly on Iraq and the War on Terror. When we look back in fifty years at Blair's decision on Iraq it will not, I think, be considered the biggest foreign policy mistake since Suez.

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Anonymous said...

The war was no mistake. Losing it will be a mistake. Prosecuting it like amateurs with too few troops (and those divided between Iraq and Afghanistan), too little equipment (and that, the wrong stuff) and with our soldiers' hands tied behind their backs was certainly a mistake.

We will (unfortunately) eventually have to go to war to defeat the would-be Caliphate. Sadly, the international situation will have to get a lot worse to convince our pet idiots that there are more important things to worry about than Chelsea tractors, house prices and diversity. We are daily betraying Israel and the West by the US and UK leaders' pathetic incompetence. They have lost popular support and can expect to have the war's funding cut until they run - or until the Iranians stiffen resolve again by thermonuclear means.

Meanwhile, as we betray our civilisation on a modern industrial scale, the French, Germans et al are going in for trahison artisanale. It should command a CAP subsidy, it's so low-key and traditional.