Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Tesco refuses to sell BBC Top Gear DVDs?

Apparently, a Tesco store in Winchester has been refusing to allow the sale of BBC Top Gear DVDs on the grounds that Richard Hammond is in hospital. What is the world coming too?

Incidentally, I am on yet another course this week and have very limited Internet access, so don't expect many posts.


Anonymous said...

Tesco has to placate the loonies somehow.

Their management has been unwise enough to announce a profit this morning, and the media have been baying for Tesco's blood all day.

It must be embarrassing for Gordon Brown to see all that hard earned money going into the companies bank account rather than into Treasury coffers.

The socialists must be hopping mad that successful businesses can still get away with being successful.

This will reflect badly on Brown. Is he losing his touch?

Anonymous said...

Ridiculous, I'm sure Richard Hammond would be aghast.

Croydonian said...

(Pounding nails into the floor with my forehead...)