Saturday, September 30, 2006

Webcameron Launches!

David Cameron has gone a step further in his embracing of emerging technologies with his new blog site, Webcameron. The first video is up with him introducing the theme and concept behind the site. I shall be registering shortly. Great idea and he should be commended for it really.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, signed up this seems a bit buggy though bits of it don't load properly.

Prodicus said...

Excellent move. Just waiting for the cynical comments about his intro - which I shall ignore in a marked manner.

Anonymous said...

Maybe we should have had a webcam with us last night. It's definitely going to be an election of podcasting/vblogging, and who knows what else will be invented in the meantime.

It was great meeting you, hope we can do it again sometime.

Anonymous said...

Nice kitchen,nice kids, nice,nice, nice man, one of us nice. Ok good idea, can we have some policies please, direction, or anything that shows the Cons to have something to have the right to call themselves HM Loyal opposition, there is enough on huge tax, loss of liberties, pensions being turned into a milch cow for Gordon. The public do not want to be patronised by anymore spin than we have had for the last ten years.

Anonymous said...

It's a good concept in general, but I'm a little confused about the execution.

The website name suggests that a webcam was used, but the quality of framing and panning makes me suspect otherwise.

Next, if you take a still from the clip and open it in Photoshop, it looks a bit strange. Webcams have assorted artifacts (dithers, aliasing, etc) which are almost impossible to avoid in live motion. But the still looks like it was taken with a professional TV camera then blurred to reduce the quality. In fact, the blurring is very neat and regular, gaussian you might say.

I have to say though, the bit with the child wanting to interrupt for a handwashing session was cute.

Anonymous said...

Well, of course. It's so blatantly produced by someone who's been told that YouTube is "hip with youth" and instructed a professional cameraman to "make it look like that". Right down to the "unintentional" gaffs, and shaky framing.

Quite how he still manages to make it so boring is beyond me.