Monday, August 28, 2006

Terrorist attack at Turkish holiday resort

Well I was going to post about the terrorist attacks in Turkey last night. My intention was to be flippant and ask the question, how long before this is blamed on Iraq and thereby America in some way? Sadly before I managed to log in some left winger on the Today programme managed to do it. I'm not sure who it was, although it may have been a Labour MP.

Basically, they said that they didn't think it was in the character of the Kurdish separatists the PKK, so could not be, and I quote, "justified", on those grounds. They then said it's more likely due to Turkey's support for America and their tacit support for the war in Iraq.

What is it with the way those on the fashionable Left appear to think? For start, nothing can justify terrorist attacks which deliberately target tourist resorts. Nothing. There is a world of difference between motive and justification. Second, why does it have to come back to America and Iraq all the time? Turkey is hardly a major player. If it's all about Iraq and supporting America why not go after the countries that actually provided troops like Poland and the Czech Republic?

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Serf said...

Turkey's "support" for the USA is very half hearted. The government never openly supports the war in Iraq at all.

As for not having the character of the Kurdish separatists, they have a long history of bombing minibuses in tourist resorts, so he is talking out his a**e.