Saturday, August 26, 2006

MPAC's views are "crap"

That nice jihadi Islamist organisation MPAC appears to be rather upset again, this time with Phil Woolas after he allegedly told MPAC that their views were "crap". As you can imagine, MPAC were outraged by this and have sprung into action sending emails and demanding an apology.

Interestingly, MPAC doesn't detail exactly what they said in order to achieve the response they did. But having heard the excitable little chap on radio, I imagine it was probably some tirade full of logicial fallacies all delivered with a smug smile and air of zealous righteousness.

According to Recess Monkey there was a comment in the thread that said "What can we expect of Woolas when his creed teaches him that we Muslim Gentiles are ‘Amalek’, who deserve to wiped off the face of the earth, inc our women and children?" However it doesn't appear to be there anymore.


Bel said...

But their views are crap. They should be thanking Phil Woolas for pointing that out to them.

What do they want? Special protection on a par with blasphemy laws? Spare me.

dizzy said...

agreed, that is why the "are" in the title was in italics.

Croydonian said...

MPAC's comments begin to make sense if Woolas is Jewish. I can't find any reference to his religion anywhere. And it ill behoves Muslims to make comments about the genocidal 'tendencies' of other faith groups given the tripartite choice kaffirs are offered: death, conversion or dhimmitude.

Anonymous said...

I would suggest that you get your facts right before spouting your own hatred.

I just came across this blog and it damn right is run by arrogant and ignorant individual.

Are comments posted here the views of the editor of this blog?

Those who you disagree with are all "Jihadi", "Islamist". Hell what the hell is Jihadi, do you even know the meaning of the word?

It's called to stive for something, if striving for your views to be heard is some kind of crime, then I say we're all pretty much fucked!!

dizzy said...

where did I say that those I disagree with are all Jihadi Islamist? Oh look, I didn't.

Anonymous said...

Where did you get the idea that they are Islamists?

Also, is there anything wrong in being a Jihadi? In the arabic that would be something like "Striver", "Struggler". Anything wrong in that?

The Jews in the Nazi era were struggling to live, so is there anything wrong with that?

Anonymous said...

Croydonian I find your comments very odd.

Are you telling me that the views expressed by commentors on MPACs website are those of MPACs itself?

If they are, then those blatant islamophobic comments are their views as well.

God has given you a brain so please use it.

dizzy said...

Peter, having browsed around their site, watched their documentary, and listened to them speak, it's rather clear they're beliefs coincide with those of the islamist ilk. I make the charge bqased on the totality of my expreience of them.