Sunday, August 27, 2006

An interesting feature article on multiculturalism

Have just the read this feature article in the Sunday Telegraph. It's about a former headteacher who had to "retire" in the 1980s because he dared to criticise the conventional orthodxy of multiculturalism in schools. Specifcally he questioned whether allowing pakistani children months off to go "home" to Pakistan was good for their education and society as a whole. After his article was published in The Salisbury Review in 1984 he received death threats and was brandished a racist.

The feature's point is of course obvious from the outset. This man was hounded out of his job as a racist and this week that same group of people have just satrted to question the validty of that orthodoxy that led them to accuse people of being evil bigots. IN light of Ruth Kelly's echoing of John Reid's U-turn it would be nice to think that the subject of the feature article, Mr Honeyford, and others like him would be admonished by those that once villified them but I doubt it will happen sadly.

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