Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Why a blogger should avoid travel

It's typical, I went on holiday at the beginning of July and the proverbial hit the fan around the Deputy Prime Minister and I missed it. Then I get on a plane, I'm halfway over the Bay of Biscay and Lord Levy gets arrested! Still, at least Nick Robinson is blogging about Levy now, better late than never.

So, now that Maundy Gregory has been arrested and bailed I wonder what "whiter than white" Tony must be thinking? You can bet John Prescoot is well chuffed that the media attention will be somewhere else for the next few days.

The real question is whether this time the story does signal the beginning of the end for Blair. We've had so many false starts on that one the cynic fears Tony teflon ability. If he's going to go then it's going to be his own side that sticks the knife in deep and hard. I imagine Prescott's proverbial "tectonic plates" are going into seismic overdrive tonight.

Here's a question though, has a Prime Minister in recent times lurched so rapidly from scandal to scandal in the space of six monthes?


Chris Palmer said...

But should Nick Robinson be allowed to blog his opinions? See my blog for more.

Ellee Seymour said...

I guess so, some countries have experienced considerable internal and external conflict, but I cannot say which ones straight off, it's just an educated guess and my feminine intuition.