Friday, July 14, 2006

Blair to be questioned under caution?

Everyone been wondering if and when the "Loans for Peerages" police investigation wiull reach the office of the Prime Minister in Downing Street and it looks like it's going to happen when he gets back from his summer holiday. Currently Downing Street is saying they've had no indication from the Police that the Prime Minister will be questioned.

However, as Inspector Knacker said yesterday, he'll go "wherever the evidence takes him", and police sources have suggested to hacks that it's only a matter of time before Blair is questioned, and questioned under the caution. That will make him the first ever serving Prime Minister to be questioned by the police about a corruption scandal.

One thing is for sure in this scandal. It makes "Cash for Questions" - which Labour activists have a tendency to cite as the zenith of Tory sleaze - seem insignificantly small in comparison.

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Anonymous said...

it's funny,trying to remember what made us so bad in the nineties when this is of another dimension