Thursday, June 22, 2006

IT systems to blame for tax credit problem

Dame Barbara Mills, the adjudicator for complaints about HMRC, the Valuation Office Agency, the Public Guardianship Office and the Insolvency Service, has highlighted IT problems in her annual report, which was published yesterday.

According to the report "inflexibility with the IT system constrains the quick delivery of some of the most desired changes." This, she says, is the reason why Tax Credit compliants and problems have continued.

Who'd thought it! A broken government IT system! Funny how it's never the Government that is at fault though. It's always someone or something else. I don't doubt the IT system is crap, but the policy of tax credits is not exactly world-class either.

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Croydonian said...

Awful, awful woman with distinctly authoritarian tendencies. She has so little regard for legal history and basic civil liberties that she said this of jury trial: "We do not usually go back to the 13th century to decide how to run things."

Don't think much of her sister in law either.