Thursday, May 18, 2006

Will it always be the Tories fault?

Whilst driving to pick the wife up yesterday I was listening to PM on Radio 4. They were talking about the illegal immigrant story and whether the Labour minister appearing (his name escapes me) had the "faintest idea" how many there were in Britain.

All of sudden I heard the Labour minister say (and I admit I paraphrase here); "This is not a party political point but this has been the case since Michael Howard", he then repeated the same sentence at least two more times.

Excuse me, but it was a party political point. It's trying to draw the conclusion that because the system was "broken" under the Tories that excuses not doing anything to fix it for nine years, and "it's all the Tories fault anyway!".

What does it take to get the Government to take responsibility for anything? Seriously - and this really isn't a party political point - the Government has been in power now for nine years. It surely cannot continue to hide behind previous Government's actions (or inactions) as a means of excusing it's own failures? Can it?

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