Thursday, May 18, 2006

Anyone but Ken

In preparation of the 2008 London Mayoral elections a new blog was launched the other day by a friend and I. The blog is called Anyone But Ken was born because we both believe that a great city like London deserves better than someone as obnoxiously vile as Comrade Ken Livingstone. Livingstone's commissariat in City Hall has been wasting our money for too long, and we both want to see it ended.

We are asking bloggers to lend us their support. If you want to see Ken gone like we do, then link to this site, and we'll add you to the Blogroll.


Anonymous said...

I'll link later - am busy right now to mess with templates.

Anonymous said...

ken is just a left wing racist a vile man with extreme views this left wing nazi must lose his job this creep only stays in power becouse of immigrants left wing racists are mad they detest there own race and country and will kill it just to stay in power ken go now and take your useless labour goverment with you