Friday, May 12, 2006

Pensions Exclusive: "Jam will arrive in 2012"

Do not be fooled by the news today saying Brown and Blair have struck a deal on pensions which will see pensions re-linked with earnings. They've certainly reached a deal, that's true. They've reached the deal that they'll promise to do something in 6 years time long after a General Election which will be fought on a Labour manifesto that has yet to be written.

I wonder if anyone will ask Blair or Brown if the re-linking of pensions to earnings is a manifesto commitment for the next election?

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Anonymous said...

Let's hope that the great New Labour experiment continues to fall apart. It will be quite amusing when they start promising us more and more goodies, free houses, a new Porsche or whatever.

"Just vote for us, and we'll make sure some future government will give you whatever you want."

Tony's pal Burlusconi tried promising unbelievable gifts to the Italians, but they weren't fooled. I'm sure Tony must have said to Silvio, "Watch me, this is how it's done."