Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Are we at war with Eurasia or Eastasia?

I regularly leave the house in the morning in a brilliant mood, by the time I've been on a bus for ten minutes my anger is boiling as I read my paper. Today was no different to any other day. I was rather busy at work yesterday so missed the news about this "Let's Talk" iniative that Blair embarked on. What a joyous occassion this was, Blair, Two Shags, and the Chipmunk stand in front of lots of people and essentially say "the criminal justice system is totally buggered, and we really need to fix it"

Far be it from me to sound like a Valley girl but.. hello!? You've been in power for nearly a decade. You've been telling us that crime is down; you've been repeatably telling us that you are rebalancing the justice system in favour of the victim not the criminal; you've created hundreds of new crimes; and yet now you've decided the system is broken? WTF?

Do you think we'll just going to forget that you've been in power for eight years? Is there a Ministry of Truth that I don't know about that is re-writing history? Who are we at war with this week?

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