Thursday, March 10, 2011

Redundant Public Servant errr.... not redundant (but may not be a public servant)

Ever heard of the Redundant Public Servant blog? He's spent the last five months or so moaning that he's being made redundant and guest contributed at the Guardian about it too. He was finally made redundant on March 3rd and then got a new job on March 8th resulting in him giving up blogging.

Is it wrong of me to find his moaning and "support" for people facing redundancy and "DOOOM!" followed by a period of unemployment of a massive five days mildly amusing? Probably. But then, I work in IT so redundancy programmes are nothing new, even in the good times. In fact I've been through my fair share of redundancy rounds, even got made redundant once on a Friday and started a new job on the Monday.

In fact, there's a consultation going on right now which will result in over 500 job losses.* I'm safe for now although it seems clear to me that the writing is on the wall in the next 12 months. C'est la vie, business is business. I won't be writing a "woe is me" blog when the time comes, in fact you won't even know if my prediction is right until I perhaps start a new job.

Public Servants don't know how good they have it compared to the rest of us. The saddest thing really is there seems to remain an odd belief that there really is something called a "job for life".

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* That is why the blog has been slow for the last month or so if you were wondering. Lots of things going on and lots more work do to as things start to downsize.

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