Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Coalition's is creating a topsy pervy world

Yesterday, I refrained from really commenting too much on the Government's latest nannying over smoking, mainly because I was flabbergasted that a Government that so proudly claims to be all about freedom and even has a Freedom Bill would carry out yet another act of extreme anti-freedom all in the name of protecting individuals from themselves and their own choices.

No longer will cigarettes be able to displayed, instead you will have to ask for them and they'll be hidden under the counter. What a strange, amusing and topsy turvy world we live in these days huh?

Once upon a time you could buy your cigarettes proudly on display, but if you wanted to purchase an 8 inch glass dildo and some KY Jelly to ease its insertion into your chosen orifice you had to go down some back street and clandestinely enter a blacked out shop.

Soon though, the opposite will be true. Soon you will have to embarrassingly ask for a packet of Malboro and feel ashamed that the thing you want is socially hidden from view. Meanwhile, next door, there will be a window display featuring gag balls (not oranges), whips, chains, strap-ons and assorted insertion tools many of which are designed to make your eyes water.

Now don't get me wrong. I'm not for a minute being a prude here and suggesting that we shouldn't allow the sale of anal probes, remote control vibrators, crotchless panties and peephole bras on the High Street. Far from it in fact.

However, isn't it just a little bit odd that the argument deployed to justify putting cigarettes out of sight includes "think of the children!" whilst the very same children can see other things that we might think they're too young to see so openly displayed?

It's not actually a topsy turvy world, rather it's a topsy pervy world.

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