Friday, September 03, 2010

Prescott's hypocrisy on "unnamed sources"

Anyone remember when Lord John Prescott, class traitor of the highest order, went off on one in fits of rage at Andrew Rawnsley on Newsnight? If not you can watch it below.

Essentially this now Peer of the Realm, went off his proverbial tits over the issue of "unnamed sources" in Rawnsley's book where it suggested Brown was a bit of a bully. He moaned on about the fact that you simply can't trust journalists who hide behind unnamed sources.

Now fast-forward to today and what is Lord Prescott of Chipfat upon Hull doing? He's calling for a judicial review into the Metropolitan Police over the News of the World voicemail listening scandal (Andy Coulson being editor at the time) after the an article in the New York Times quoted..... errrr unnamed detectives.

I take it that not trusting journalists who hiding behind unnamed sources is no longer the "line to take" huh My Lord?

What a surprise, a politician that shifts his opinion to suit his political needs. And they wonder why the public hate them more than estate agents?

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