Saturday, September 04, 2010

Meanwhile, in the real world....

Isn't it funny how deeply political the Couson NotW "phone hacking*" is? Isn't it amusing how it seems to be consuming the usual suspects on the Left whilst the reality of the world outside of their politically partisan bubble trundles on with a "meh"? I understand why they're trying to push it of course.

The story is a double-whammy. Coulson works in Downing Street as part of the evil baby-eating Tory/Lib Government, and the NotW is owned by Rupert Murdoch who is, as we all know, an evil megalomaniac intent on taking over the world by controlling what we hear and think through the media.

What's that? You didn't know that about Murdoch? Did you not get the memo and the free DVD copy of the documentary about him called Tomorrow Never Dies? You didn't think that was just a movie did you? It's the truth I tell thee, it's all part of a subtle mind control strategy.

Cheryl from Basildon (19) with her baps out for you on Page 3 doesn't really think what's in the bubble next to her picture. That's Murdoch infecting your mind with his "agenda", it's evil don't you know!..... What do you mean you don't read it because Cheryl's tits are more interesting?

You have to pity them really though. So desperate are they for the scalp of Coulson and a side-swipe at Murdoch, that they're writing letters and creating Twitter ribbons, the latter of course being that if they can make Coulson "trend" on a social networking site it constitutes "action" - they missed the memo about Twitter being a bit last year it seems.

The thing is, will they succeed? Probably not. You see what they fail to realise, whilst they're publishing their open letters, calling for reviews, and delving into conspiratorial intrigue, is that no one out here actually gives a shit. Cheryl is more important.

No not Cheryl from Basildon and her babylons (although she is quote important), Cheryl from Newcastle and her tragic marriage to CAshley. We mustn't forget little Florence either and her meeting with the Government machine, awww bless, isn't she a cutey? X Factor tonight init?

Like it not. That people acting for the NotW might have illegally tapped** the mobiles of Z-list celebrities and dodgy politicians to get stories for us to consume isn't as important as today's stories about popular culture that we want to readily consume. Without the tapping** we wouldn't get out fix and the fix is more important than how we go it.

You might not like that, you might be like John Prescott, you might be blustering with indignation about it because he's blustering with indignation. You weren't, naturally, blustering with indignation about it after the story was laid to rest previously, but things have changed now, the other loonies from the other wing of the Asylum have taken over, and boy does that piss you off.

It only takes a cursory glance at this morning's newspapers to see how unZeitgiesty the Coulson story actually is. No one cares other than those who were once running the country who now aren't. Even "in house red top" for the Coulson-gate lobby doesn't think it's worthy of the front page......... they "get it".

* Calling someone's mobile, waiting for it to go to voicemail and then entering their four digit pin (0000) is not hacking. Hacking is about circumventing security, not being presented with them and passing them.

** Calling someone's mobile, waiting for it to go to voicemail and then entering their four digit pin (0000) is not tapping. Tapping is the covert act of real-time interception of active communication links.

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