Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Lies and more lies everywhere!

First up, I think that the left wing blog Political Scrapbook is by far and away the best leftie bloggers out there today. They're not pious or boring like Sunny Hundal, and crucially they've got a sense of humour. Over the next few years they will undoubtedly be a scooper type blog for "gossip in opposition".

However, bigging up over, that doesn't mean they can't be wrong, such as with their latest post with an "attack video" about David Cameron's statements in the Leaders Debates about pension credits, bus passes and other assorted benefits.

In fairness they're only really repeating a line that others have done on this issue but it's worth pointing out the steaming pile of bullshit in their argument.

The argument goes like this. In the Leaders Debates, Cameron said, in response to Labour leaflets making wild statements about how the evil baby-eating Tories were going to abolish things, that,
“We will keep the pension credit, we’ll keep the winter fuel allowance, we’ll keep the free bus pass. Those leaflets you have been getting from Labour, the letters you have been getting from Labour are pure and simple lies.”
ScrapBook then goes on to note how far from Labour telling lies it was, shock horror, in fact Cameron telling lies, stating,

Free bus passes at 60? Don’t count on it. The pension credit? Chris Grayling wants them “phased out”. Winter fuel payments? Restricted and cut.
Errrr reality check dudes.
  1. Cameron says pension credits will be kept. Scrapbook links to a story about how pension credits "could" be phased out over ten years and replaced with an increased and essentially offset state pension. Now, given the use of the word "could" rather than "will", and the fact that ten years means there is a little thing called a "General Election" in between, has a lie by Cameron been exposed? Errrr no. He said the pension credit would remain and it remains.
  2. Cameron says he will keep free bus passes. Scrapbook links to an article about how the qualifying age for free bus passes is likely to increase to 65 - a bit like the retirement age funnily enough. So did Cameron lie? Errr no. The free bus pass will remain.
  3. Cameron says that the winter fuel payment will remain. Scrapbook links to the story that the winter fuel payment will be given later than 60 (like the bus pass and in line with the rising retirement age). So, did Cameron lie? Errrr no. The winter fuel payment is being kept.
Now, don't get me wrong. lefties are well within their rights to be annoyed by changes to these things. Although it's worth noting that not once have I seen them acknowledge that if we're all going to be working for longer and becoming pensioners later, then qualification ages for pensioners benefits are going to rise too.*

But seriously, if you're going to quote Cameron and then link to evidence of lies, at least ensure that the stories you link to do actually contradict what was said. Otherwise you'll just look silly.

* I bet if qualification ages didn't rise the attack would be that money was being given to those in work at the expense of elderly genuine pensioners who need it most. Such is the utter bullshit of political rhetoric.

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