Friday, April 09, 2010

Sometimes you train to miss

Having read the story on the BBC about the "mosques" on a firing range, and the inevitable "outrage" that has occured from it I would like to play a little thought game. Imagine if the story went thus,
A Police force has agreed to take down tactical targets featuring women hostages at a firing range. A womens rights group had demanded the removal of the targets at the range and accused the Police of reinforcing negative perceptions of women as weak.

A Police spokesman added: "It was never our intention for these generic targets to offend. They were only used to provide scenarios similar to the environments in which trained officers will have to operate.
Now you might think I'm being facetious here but I think the point is rather clear. What I find most astounding with the original story though is that no one seems to have pointed out that things on firing ranges don't only exist to shoot at, but also exist to be missed.

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