Monday, April 12, 2010

Labour promises 16Meg Broadband for all!

I've been looking through the Labour manifesto and will be posting in some more detail later today or tomorrow, but one thing they have is their pledge on broadband.

They're guaranteeing
every household in the country a broadband service of at least two megabytes per second by 2012
Yes, that's right people, we're all going to get at least 16Meg broadband lines.

Not sure whether they've informed BT or anyone else of the work they'll need to increase the number of exchanges and relevant network infrastructure to achieve this of course.

Note: Labour have failed to understand the difference between "megabits" and "megabytes". 2 megabytes per second = 16 megabits per second. Fail.

Update: Great minds think and read alike it seems.

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