Monday, April 12, 2010

Fix the system not the speed to get into it!

This is going to be a quick and simple post. Let's take the pathetic politics out of the cancer debate and listen to what the experts like Macmillan say instead.

  1. Survivorship – The next Government must demonstrate a clear commitment to the cancer survivorship agenda over the next decade based on the principles of post-treatment care management and appropriate support to get people back to work.
  2. Equalities – The next Government must improve access to drug treatments for people with rarer cancers by reforming NICE.
  3. End of Life – The next Government should ensure that people with cancer nearing the end of their life have 24/7 access to community nursing.
It's time to fix the system, not introduce yet another target for entry into the broken system.

Further reading on Macmillan's campaign can be read here.

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