Saturday, March 06, 2010

Summarising the Guardian Madrasa splash

I wish to offer a summary of this morning's Guardian splash that's trying to create a "Tories are secret extremists and you're all going to be wearing jack boots if they win unless Cameron disowns some people in which case it's a massive division at the heart of the Tory Party" story. So instead of reading their piece here's a better version of it.
It is truly shocking isn't it that a British organisation would take some youngsters to America and let them shoot legal guns on a firing range in Virginia? After all, we don't do guns in the UK, we're a pacifist nation, we don't get involved in wars EVER and we never shoot things.

What's more, one of these people had the audacity to say that the NHS in its current incarnation was, well, you know, a bit crap. How dare they have a view that deviates from the orthodoxy that the NHS is a sacred cow and by far the best structural success in history! As for climate change, would you believe that one of these "radicals" has sceptical views in line with over 50% of the country? Outrageous isn't it?

They're nothing but extremists turds and we should all be wetting our pants because one of them, once, at a meeting, somewhere, spoke to someone who brother's girlfriend's mother made a cake that won a competition at a fair that David Cameron judged. Can't you see the connnection? Are you blind!?! Run away! Run away!
Enjoy the rest of the weekend peeps!

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