Sunday, March 07, 2010

Question for the Day

Flak jacket ready? Check! Trench dug for cover? Check! OK, I think I'm ready now.

Just under a year ago I did a post about how the left wing comedian Mark Thomas had a little campaign going to get his fans to send a postcard to the Queen calling for a big party and fireworks to celebrate the passing away of Margaret Thatcher when such a day comes.

At the time, I wondered what the reaction from the Left might be if someone on the Right did the same sort of thing for Tony Blair, or some other left wing hero for that matter. I'd imagine there would be universal condemnation at such a thing for being in poor taste and generally crossing all sort of lines. Thus I want to test the supposition to see if it's correct by posing the following question.

If I had done a post this week after hearing the news of the death of the former Labour leader Michael Foot which said this,
BREAKING NEWS: Author of longest suicide note in history finally finishes reading it
What do people think the reaction would have been to it? Comments welcome although may not be approved that quickly.

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