Thursday, February 18, 2010

I Tweet. Please Rob Me

Quite possibly the funniest application and use of geo-location information leakage on Twitter, the incredible Interweb brings you, Please Rob Me which will let you know exactly when Twitter users have left home thanks to them being stupid enough to have geo-locationing enabled. As I type there are now 58 "new opportunities" for burglary available.

OK, so you may say I'm being irresponsible by laughing at this, but seriously, it brilliantly exposes how the information people freely leak about themselves on social networking sites can be easily exploited and applied for criminal activity. The issue is much the same as when I posted about the Layar Reality browser.

Location tracking can be useful, but when you leave your house you don;t put a sign up telling everyone you've gone out, so why tell the world on Twitter?

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