Thursday, February 18, 2010

As clear as crystal-shaped mud?

Ever wondered about some of the things the European Commission spend your money on?

How about ElderGames? Heard of it? Know what they do? I'm sure that reading the complete gobbledygook on their website will help you!
ElderGames will research the specific needs of elderly people and create a motivating environment through an entertainment offer with high preventive and therapeutic value using advanced technologies that will improve, as much research has shown, variables related to the quality of life, with particular emphasis on cognitive skills in old age.

  • ElderGames will focus the research on the effects of play in old age and will demonstrate that experts consider that conclusions obtained for children regarding the improving of the physical, physic and social and affective health can also be applied to elderly people.
  • ElderGames will investigate in the adequacy of these advanced technologies for play-related therapeutic intervention among elderly people, taking ethical issues in consideration.
  • ElderGames will research into the use of Mixed Reality technologies by the elderly people and how related applications can be used as innovative play-related-therapeutic tools.
Got that? Good. Now can you tell me please?

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