Sunday, September 27, 2009

Who will be Cain and who will be Abel?

Labour Conference starts, and, on cue, the leadership specualtion begins. Apparently, "sources" say Peter Mandelson would support Ed Miliband to replace Brown, if, as expected, Brown loses the next General Election.

Meanwhile, a Cain and Abel style showdown is brewing as David Miliband, once again on the eve of a conference, has given an interview to the Independent on Sunday which is describes as his "pitch" and he's making all those noises he made last year - will he blink again though?

We'll know by the end of the week, because if the rumours are true, there may soon be political fireworks.

In other news, Gordon Brown is trying to tell people he's a man for the middle classes and will always do things in their interests. The price of bacon just went up too.

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