Saturday, September 26, 2009

I predict Iranian silliness!

The news that Iran has admitted to having a secret uranium enrichment plant - presumed to have been admitted because the news was about to go public thanks to Western intelligence - certainly places Iran's credibility in saying it only wants nuclear energy in serious doubt.

However, if you want a good laugh at a Noam Chomsky-esque piece which blames it all on American, Israel and the outposts of evil American imperialism in the Middle East, then do read Adrian Hamilton's take on the subject in this morning's Independent. You see, apparently this whole thing with Iran has merely been "busily stoked up by Israel, some of Iran's Arab neighbours and the American right".

I bet very soon the "Stop the War" coalition will spring into action, with the hilarious consequence that a group including pro-nuclear disarmament activists and anti-nuclear environmentalists will be defending Iran's nuclear ambitions from the evil Western hegemony.

Oh how I love this mad, bad and crazy world in which we live!

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