Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Gordon Brown's "porky pie" speeches

Another little porky pie from Brown
And by changing the way the courts deal with repossessions and by guaranteeing help to homeowners in difficulty, we have helped 300,000 families with advice with their mortgages and have helped thousands to stay in the homes they’ve worked so hard for and were in fear of losing.

Gordon Brown speech to the TUC, September 15th 2009

And then we faced the mortgage choice –to do nothing as repossessions rose or save the family homes people have worked so hard to buy. 200,000 homeowners given direct government support to stay in their home.

Gordon Brown speech to Labour Conference, September 29th 2009
Make your mind up on your figures Gordon. You're dissembling is on this subject is sounding like when you talk about apprenticeships and borrowing/debt.

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