Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Gordon Brown Conference Speech - Live Blog

More follows shortly
  • Gordon gets the wife to introduce him. How sweet. She's introducing a video about people who know Gordon well - kids by any chance?
  • Apparently Sarah's love for Gordon makes him the "Man for Britain" - pass the sickbag
  • Labour Government's make the country better - forgot the 'winter of discontent' has she?
  • Music is "Move on up" - it would be inappropriate to make a joke about uppers.
  • Funny, where was Blair in that video?
  • Change change change - Bowie moment?
  • So here we go as trailed. Its all about "change" and "fight".
  • So... let me get this straight. He's all about "change" but everything he's done is good. How does that work?
  • Thanks Harriet Harman for being sexist.
  • Arse licks Alistair 'unsackable' Darling.
  • A "special relationship" joke about Peter Mandelson. Wasn't that said a couple of days ago too?
  • Says no British savers lost money.... errr Iceland?
  • Says more in work than in 1997 - ignores unemployment figures.
  • Lies about mortgage figures again. Says 200,000 people helped but at the TUC conference he said it was 300,000. Slight problem, his own Government's figures dispute him here on both counts.
  • Here we go, he's talking about apprenticeship.. bet he makes some figures up again.
  • Apparently, the NHS is a liberation.
  • Government will be on people's side - so why interfere in people's lives so much?
  • Change has reappeared again.
  • Wants a new model for the economy - thus to be new he's using Keyensianism which is errrr old.
  • Says invention from Britain must be manufactured in Britain - until India does it cheaper of course.
  • Says spending will increase in schools. Contradicts Ed Balls no?
  • Going to have 10,000 new internships - bet they;re on less than minimum wage.
  • Will raise tax and National insurance - NI raise will screw everyone. Nice.
  • Talking about the grants for 16-18 year old to stay in school and says everyone will have to stay in school. Bet he cuts the grant.
  • Restoring earning link for state pension - re-announcement
  • He's going to take kids that have kids into care - for reeducation? - nice attack on single mums.
  • He's basically listing his manifesto with pie in the sky uncosted plans. The Tories will surely skewer the proposals?
  • Genius! He's going to give local authorities the power to ban 24 hour drinking - a law his party introduced!
  • There are going to be "action squads" who will have monthly meetings about what to do. Efficient!
  • He says there will be no compulsory ID cards for British citizens - isn't that the policy at the moment and its already a U-turn?
  • Brown does the West Wing cancer speech..... again!
  • There is going to be free elderly care in the home for all. I thought that was called the District nurse and already existed.
  • Brown makes a commitment to PR referendum in the Labour manifesto - like the commitment of a Lisbon Treaty/EU Constitutution referendum?
  • 1997 Labour manifesto : "We are committed to a referendum on the voting system for the House of Commons." - YOU decide.
  • Here we go, he's doing the crap extrapolation of taking a figure and making it equivalent to X number of policeman.
  • Tory bashing is back now, after his re-announcements of old policies including 12 year old promises.
  • "Never stop believing in the good sense of the British people" - hope he remembers that when he loses.
  • And we're done.

Re-announcements of commitments made in the 1997 Labour manifesto. U-turns announced on 24 hour drinking. General expected Tory bashing. Further continuation of lies over mortgage holders helped by the Government.

Final Note:

Brown left the stage to M-People's Moving On Up, released in 1994. Given the rehashing of 1997 manifesto commitments, it really is clear he and Labour are living in the past.

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