Monday, September 28, 2009

Angela Smith is lying

Angela Smith is lying, as Fraser Nelson has pointed out. Last night she vehemently stuck to the line, perpetuated by Brown who is also a liar, that Gordon Brown paid down debt before the recession, he did not.

He borrowed and increased debt before the recession faster than a whore would open their legs for a punter. He even told us he was doing it in each of his budget speeches when he did it, and no one, not the Tories or the media seemed to bother pulling him up on his dissembling.

Back in November 2008, I posted a list of quotes from his budget speeches which showed each year how is previous statements were false. I then had them plotted as a graph just to illustrate it. The red line is the real path of borrowing debts, the dotted lines are what Brown predicted the borrowing debt would be on the following years. He may have said borrowing debts would go down, but they didn't.

Click Image for larger Version
It is truly astounding that Angela Smith and others including Brown would continue to push this 100% bullshit deceit on us. The fact is, Brown kept standing at the Dispatch Box saying his debt would go down, and yet it went up.

The one single year that borrowing debts went down, it still placed it an order of magnitude higher than his starting position. Gordon Brown, Angela Smith and other are plain and simple liars. Debt was not paid down in the years preceding the recession, it was increased rapidly.

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